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ita has a simple beginning. Simplicity is the hallmark of Gita. There is great depth in Gita, but it is obtained and attained by simple conversations. No conditions are attached. No high sounding sermons appear. Gita happened at the time of Mahabharata war. The book starts with a simple question, a simple request, and a simple desire. Krishna has been scientific, methodical and very practical. Krishna makes sure Arjuna understands how to become fearless, effective and perform at his peak. We shall learn how Gita can be applied in our daily life, whether it is playing music, dancing on a floor, competing for sports or managing a company.

door to divine can be opened from any aspect of one's life. Gita is life affirmative; it teaches us to live life as it is, and face all the imperfections it has inherent in it. Realization of the ultimate is possible without leaving life. Krishna would like us to be at ease in all situations of life, be it in a boat on an ocean or on a tank in a battle.

he world has come to a point where practice of life based on Bhagavadgita is going to become significant. Krishna valued the value system of existence, Dharma. Krishna with his flute is a symbol of peace, happiness and joy. He is as much for peace as is Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus and Mohandas Gandhi. But when a war becomes inevitable, Krishna does not go away in a temple to pray for peace; he stays involved to make sure Dharma is protected and upheld. Krishna is prepared to travel that extra mile that others mentioned above are not willing to.

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